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Malicious Python libraries stealing OpenPGP and SSH keys:

– Look for python3-dateutil, and jeIlyfish.
– Both modules try to exfiltrate SSH/OpenPGP keys and send them to an IP address.
– This is the third time the PyPI team intervenes to remove typo-squatted malicious Python libraries from the official repository.

#python #malware #pypi #infosec #security #cybersecurity

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What language knocked Java out of the #2 spot? Where is open source growing fastest? How deep do dependencies really go?

All the answers (and more) in this year’s #Octoverse report.

People who uses @here and @channel on slack deserves special place in hell /facepalm ... there are valid uses but these ppl should be slapped
Finally found "docking window" app to be able to move windows and docke them to the sides and stuff like in win/linux. Quite an achievement xD

It is like downloading several linux minimal distros or one with everything in store xD

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Python, What Else?
Today we’re welcoming connected systems expert IT Link as our strip sponsor. They are awesome at Python! Check out IT Link and their job offers in France & Belgium! 

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Having your account compromised in a data breach can be devastating, but @mozilla shares tips to limit the damage, including:

• Learn details of the breach
• Change your password(s)
• Catch identity theft by reviewing your credit reports

Quite nice multiplatform desktop client for mastodon
@dacbarbos might like it if not known yet ;)

So the update took just a half a year ... that is new record even for me xD

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Tento tyden budu delat konecne upgrade instance ... tak jen tak pro info ze kdyz to tu umre, tak se nedivte ;) Teda podle aktivity se nebudu divit spis ja xD

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#Fedora 30 je venku!
O tom, kde ji stáhnout a jak upgradovat, se dozvíte více v našem článku. 👇

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Lákají vám notebooky s procesory ARM64? Pokud ano, tak vás tato zpráva jistě potěší:

Ja ti nevim Karle, ale ty hnedy podsalky se nam nejak nevracej

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March 31st is World Backup Day!

Don't forget to backup your data.

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I *could* setup a git repo and do this all correctly, or I could just SCP everything over and let future me deal with the mess

hmmm so I have vacation because I had to take some leftover days from last year ... and was kinda happy that I can take my motorbike for spin. But then I looked at weather report and it supposed to be snowing here again xD after week of 20+C ...

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Pojdme si hrat s mastodonem :) Umime cesky, slovensky a anglicky. Ostatnim nerozumime, ale rvat se nebudeme ;)