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  1. Pravidla se smazaly ... to neznamena ze nejsou, jen jsou nevyrcena. Nebud vocas a drz se selskyho rozumu a co reknu to plati! xD Rules were deleted somehow ... but they are still enforced. Do not be a douche and keep it civil. Obviously my word is a infinite truth! xD
Tak a ted pravidla:
1) Budte normalni a neporusujte zakony svym chovanim. Vzhledem k tomu ze instance je provozovana v CR, tak hlavne zakony CR.
2) Pouzvejte NSFW tagy (CW pri novem toot) pro nahotu, pornografii, erotiku, spojlery a podobne. Vicemene Cokoliv co by nemelo byt otevreno v praci ;)
3) Pouzivejte selsky rozum. Nesikanujte a budte hodni.

1) Be normal and dont break the laws. Instance is based in Czech republic so especially laws of CZE.
2) Use NSFW tags (Content Warning) for nudity, pornography, erotics, spoilers etc. Basically whatever should not be opened in general workplace ;)
3) Use common sense. Dont bully and be excellent to each other.